75 digital products you can sell online as a creative to generate passive income

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Make money online selling digital products

Whether you’re an artist, writer, creative, photographer, calligrapher, copywriter, blogger, coach…whatever careers you can think of, you can create digital products and start generating passive income. Anyone can do this and sell on sites like Creative Market, Payhip, or Etsy.

Ready to build your passive income empire? Here is a list of digital product ideas to help you get started.

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  1. Blog Planners

  2. Brochures

  3. Spreadsheets

  4. Presentation templates (Keynote, PowerPoint)

  5. Business Cards

  6. Worksheets

  7. Cheat Sheets

  8. Checklists

  9. Ebook templates

  10. Flyers

  11. Resumes

  12. Invoices

  13. Magazines

  14. Blog banner

  15. Youtube banner

  16. Email Funnel Templates

  17. Email Signature templates

  18. Email header

  19. Infographic

  20. Albums

  21. Social media templates

  22. Photocards

  23. Stickers

  24. Premade logos

  25. Branding kits

  1. Greeting cards

  2. Wall Art

  3. Print on demand designs (T-shirts, mugs..etc)

  4. Planners

  5. Gift certificate

  6. Coupon


  8. Calendars

  9. Invitations

  10. Self-publish books

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  11. Party stationery

  12. Cake/Cupcake Toppers

  13. Bridal Shower Games

  14. Coloring Books/Pages

  15. Envelopes

  16. Cookbooks/recipes

  17. Meal Planners

  18. Meal Plans

  19. Goal Trackers

  20. Habit Trackers

  21. Sewing Patterns

  22. Knitting Patterns

  1. Fonts

  2. Stock Photos

  3. Audio Files

  4. Overlays

  5. Adobe Plugins (Photoshop, Illustrator)

  6. Lightroom Presets

  7. Textures

  8. Vector Images

  9. Mockups

  10. Website Themes

  11. Website Plugins

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  12. Chrome Extensions/Apps

  13. Software

  14. Stock Videos

  15. Paintings

  16. Illustrations

  17. Procreate Brushes

  18. Patterns

  19. Photoshop Brushes

  20. Digital papers

  1. A challenge

  2. Lesson plan

  3. Ebooks on how to do something

  4. Video tutorials

  5. E-Courses

  6. Email course

  7. Guides

  8. Podcasts

There you go!

75 Ideas to generate passive income from your creativity and knowledge. This is the best way to get freedom and do what you love as artists and creatives!

Make sure you bookmark this page so you can refer back to it, any time you need some passive income ideas and inspiration. 

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Make money online as a creative 75 digital products to sell online 75 digital products to create and make passive income.