30 Tools for Creating Digital Products

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The must have tools for creating digital products

Have you ever wanted to create your own digital products but not sure what tools you can use to create them? Then this post is for you!

 In this blog post, I will show you 30 tools you can use to create your digital products. Before we start, Let’s talk about what digital products are, and why they are great to create.

What are digital products?

A digital product is any product you sell online that doesn’t have a physical form. They can come in any format; eBooks, videos, printables, software. The list is endless. Digital products are only accessible by electronic devices like your smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Laptops.

Digital products are a great way to generate passive income and anyone can do it with the right tools and platform to sell. They are really inexpensive to create and can be profitable.

30 tools for creating your digital products

Here is a list of 30 tools to help you get started creating your digital products. If you are not sure what digital product you can make, here is a list of 75 digital products you can sell online

  1. Canva

Canva is one of my favorite online design tools. It is so easy to use and free.

I use this design platform to create the products I sell like ebook templates and social media templates on both my Payhip and Paystack stores.

  1. Designrr

Designrr is great if you need to create ebooks. You can with this platform create eBooks, show notes, flipbooks, transcripts, PDFs, and web pages.


You can re-purpose your videos, podcasts, blog posts, and articles into branded materials using this platform.

  1. Picmonkey

PicmonkeyPicmonkey just like Canva is a  design platform that anyone can create digital products with. It has an easy drag-and-drop editor which makes it easy for a newbie to use. You also get a huge library of templates, fonts, and images to use in creating your digital product.

  1. Easil

Easil is also a great online drag-and-drop design tool that allows you to create great digital products.


Easil provides you with different types of photos and templates to use in your designs.

  1. Crello

Crello just like the other amazing platforms I have mentioned is free and easy-to-use and you get access to beautiful images, templates, and fonts.


You can also add custom fonts, videos, and music to create your digital products.

  1. Venngage

If you need to create your ebook and design it all in one place, Venngage is a great tool for that. You can also create infographics, presentations, social media posts, and other visual designs.


They have thousands of customizable templates, charts, icons, and design elements.

  1. Stencil

Stencil is another easy-to-use online graphic design tool and image editor built especially for business owners, social media marketers, and bloggers.


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This is one of my favorite online tools for proofreading and editing my documents for grammar and spelling. This tool is useful if you would creating ebooks or any digital product that requires you to write. You can install the extension on your browser and you'll get real-time feedback as you write.

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

  1. Google Docs

This is an excellent free tool for creating printables, ebooks, worksheets, or any kind of document. You can easily customize your documents, add fonts, and colors of your choice.

Google Docs

  1. Google sheets

If you need to create a spreadsheet template, then this free tool is perfect for it and you can easily share it with your customers after payment.

Google Sheets

  1. Google slides

Just like the other Google products, this free tool is great for creating and sharing your presentation templates.


  1. Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

Adobe Express lets you create short videos, stunning social graphics, web pages, memes, newsletters, and more. It is easy to use and all you need to do is sign up.

Adobe Express

  1. Adobe Illustrator

This is an advanced application but very useful if you invest the time to learn how to use it. You can create everything from gorgeous web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, billboards, and a whole lot.

Adobe illustrator

  1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop like Illustrator is an extremely powerful application that's used by many professional photographers and designers. It can be challenging to use for the first time and will require you to take a few lessons. You can find a lot of them on Youtube.

Adobe Photoshop

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  1. Youtube

Youtube is a great tool you can utilize if you need to create videos or tutorials to sell. You can make the videos private and have your customers pay to access your private content.


  1. BeFunky

BeFunky is a very easy and powerful web Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer.


This all-in-one online platform offers hundreds of fully customizable templates, a huge library of tools, and beautiful design elements to choose from. You can use this tool in creating amazing graphics for your store.

  1. Photopea

Photopea is an online photo editor that lets you edit photos, apply effects, filters, add text, crop, or resize pictures. You can also edit PSD files with this editor. It is much easier to use than Photoshop and it is free.


  1. Lunapic

LunaPic is a free online photo editor that allows you to edit, crop, rotate and resize images, add effects to your photos, create slideshows, animations and also convert videos to gifs.


  1. Beacon

You can create beautiful lead magnets, ebooks, checklists, resource guides, workbooks, and more on this website and sell on marketplaces like Etsy, Payhip, or Creative Market.

  1. Colorpallettes.net

This is a great tool that offers color combination inspiration for designers.


You will find preselected color schemes to choose from for branding your products. This is great and helps you take the stress of figuring out colors to use for your products.

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  1. Krita

Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program made by artists that wanted to provide affordable art tools for everyone.


This design tool can be used to create illustrations, comics, animations, paintings. If you have always wanted to create some cool digital arts and animation, you should consider using this tool.

  1. Unsplash

When you have created your digital products, you would need to create marketing materials to display them. For instance, if you create social media templates, to make them visually appealing you’ll need stock photos.


Unsplash has a huge library of royalty-free photos you can choose from to display your digital products.

  1. Pexels

Pexels is another website you can get royalty-free photos.


  1. Pixabay

Like Unsplash and Pexels, you can also get free photos from Pixabay to add to any type of digital product you are selling.


  1. PDFescape

PDFescape is great for creating and editing your PDFs. If you need to create fillable worksheets, checklists, workbooks, then this will come in handy. Here is a tutorial on how to use PDFescape to create a fillable workbook.


  1. Podomatic

Podomatic is an online tool that lets you create simple audio podcasts. With the free plan, you get 15 GB of bandwidth a month and 500 MB of storage space.


  1. Audacity

Audacity is a free, open-source software application for recording and editing audio. You can record live audio, edit and convert to several audio formats. This is a great tool if you record podcasts or videos.

  1. Anchor by Spotify

Achor by Spotify allows you to create, distribute, and monetize your podcast for free.

Achor by Spotify

You can easily create, edit and publish your episodes with their built-in uploading, recording, and editing tools. If you have a story to tell and you want to make money from it, you should try this. amazing tool.

  1. Fontstruct

If you have always wanted to create and sell your own fonts like the ones you see on Creative market, Font Shop, or Fonts.com, you can do that with Fontstruct.


FontStruct is a free, font-building tool that allows you to easily create fonts using geometrical shapes. It generates TrueType fonts which you can download and sell.

  1. Calligraphr

This is another site that allows you to easily create your own .ttf or .otf fonts. 


So there you go! 30 tools you can use to start creating your digital products today. I hope you found this blog post helpful. Please share with someone you think will find this useful.

Thank you for reading!

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